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An Ecosystem of Action: How Different Levels of Governance Should Effectively Address the Climate Crisis.




When considering how to effectively address the climate change challenge, it is important to consider not only what actions are required but also by whom the actions should be taken and how all players involved should interact with one another.


In my upcoming series of articles called “An Ecosystem of Action: How Different Levels of Governance Should Effectively Address the Climate Crisis,” the different governing levels and dynamics between them will be described, highlighting each actor’s strengths and capabilities.


Concept Details:


In this ecosystem, a triple dynamic is described, where the main roles and capabilities of each authority affect the others and will be most effective in addressing this mutual challenge:

  • The City/Local Authority.  Even though the city/local authority is the smallest unit in this ecosystem, it’s probably the most effective one. The city’s capabilities of collecting and analyzing data, as well as its ability to effectively execute policies due to its deep familiarity with its population, make the city one of the most effective agents of policy execution, especially for climate change.

  •  The State. The most powerful actor in terms of real power (legislation, enforcement power, budgets), the state has many powerful tools to combat climate change, which makes it a pivotal player in the ecosystem.

  • International Organizations. Apolitical, professional authorities. The main role of international organizations is to provide professional recommendations for each state and region, based on expert analysis and broad research work. Another significant role of this player is monitoring the progress of actions and adjusting its recommendations in accordance with the data.


A Reciprocal Dynamic:


In this ecosystem, each player has both input and output; each player receives data, recommendations, or regulations from other players, and responds with output (actions) in accordance with its role and capabilities.

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